Hair to care and glossy shiny hair
Far- infrared dryer

  • Far-infrared radiation
  • Negative ion
  • ECO

Special ceramics adoption of our unique beam Stone compounding .
The hair damage was suppressed by the far-infrared radiation , followed by moisture to the inside of the hair .
Also, because power consumption is less ECO specifications , cost reduction of salon -like electric bill intensive dryer it can be expected .

By double- far-infrared Resonance wave effect

The far-infrared widely distributed on the earth , to base the 3μm is a molecular vibration wavelength of essential water to the animals and plants , Our 1mm ( mm ) from the wavelength 3μm ( microns) , including the molecular vibration wavelength of goods in the personal belongings = is the wavelength of up to 1,000 microns .

Wavelength of far infrared rays , because the perfect fit and the vibration of the molecules that form the water and human cells , Far infrared rays are irradiated in these materials are absorbed , the active vibration of a molecule that is a component , leads to glossy hair .

i-Air carerise is a honeycomb of special ceramics , double of the far- infrared heat generated by the coil which has been subjected to ceramic baking paint will occur .

Special ceramics

Built-in honeycomb of special ceramics in the outlet . By mounting our own ceramics , it has realized the occurrence of far infrared rays of the highest level .

Incorporated into the special ceramics our own beam Stone . Is a rare special material reserves beam Stone , which measures the world's best resonance wave value , is also said to be about 20 times that of tourmaline . The far- infrared emissivity 98 percent raises in the wind .

High power heat air volume even power consumption 750W is equivalent to 1200W.
Power consumption is less ECO specification

Normal dryer located about 1000W ~ 1500W, electricity bill that the power consumption is to use the less is less .

i-Air carerise energy saving specifications 750W.
Even with a small power consumption amount of heat air volume is high power equivalent to 1200W.
Since the hair is firmly dry by the far- infrared , you can reduce costs .

From salon -like intensive dryer , training and we recommend the product to companies that use the dryer in large quantities in the event .

Product specifications

・Double far infrared rays
・Negative ion generator with equipment
・ECO Specifications
・Filter cover removal slide
・COOL button
・Amount of heat , air volume control switch
・Ion generation switch

Product name i-Air carerise Hair Dryer
Model number TF-1408
Power / power consumption 100V/ 50/60Hz 750W
Air flow Two-stage switchable (750W / 350W)
Amount of heat Two-stage switchable
Weight About 485g ( body only)
Size About W87.6 × L238 × H215mm
The length of the code About 2.7m
JAN code 4582271523403
Inquiries about TF1408 is here