i-Air carerise dryer

Our own beam Stone blending special ceramics equipped.
Double far-infrared dryer.

The hair to CARE and glossy shiny hair.
The hair in double the far- infrared and triple negative ion reborn to healthy hair moisturize .

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■ Double far-infrared function
Built-in honeycomb of special ceramics in the outlet . By mounting our own ceramics , it has realized the occurrence of far infrared rays of the highest level .
Double of the far-infrared radiation is generated by further heating coil which has been subjected to ceramic baking finish .

■ Our own beam Stone

Incorporated into the special ceramics our own beam Stone .
Is a rare special material reserves beam Stone , which measures the world’s best resonance wave value , is also said to be about 20 times that of tourmaline . The far- infrared emissivity 98 percent raises in the wind .

■ resonance wave effect on the molecular and cellular
Wavelength of far infrared rays , so perfectly match the vibration of the molecules forming the water or human cells , infrared far irradiated to these substances are absorbed , the active vibration of a component molecule , glossy Ya it leads to Kana hair .

■ low power consumption ECO specification
Also because the hair is firmly dry less power consumption , we can reduce costs .


01 Followed by moisture to the inside of the hair

The far infrared effect , rapidly increase the temperature of the moisture adhering to the surface of the hair and allowed to dry in a short time . Since the far infrared rays reaches only from the surface to a depth of several microns , the temperature of the water present inside the hair is not so much increased , only the surface while maintaining a moderate moisture is dried . Therefore , only the surface dries quickly , will finish with a moisture while there is a silky feeling .
Further negative ion generating device enhances the cosmetic effect on the hair , leads to beautiful hair shiny .

02 Suppress the damage of hair

In a typical dryer , and a tendency that the hair surface with hot air going burnt is seen to moisture remaining . Since the time until the far-infrared ray of wind compared to it evaporated rapidly the moisture adhering to the surface drying is shortened , fewer have time to hit the warm air of the dryer , to suppress the damage to the hair .
It does not have to damage the hair when you’re blow They will further suppress the generation of static electricity .

03 To healthy scalp

By applying far infrared rays of wind every day , the better the blood circulation to activate the scalp of cells , will also be active metabolism .
It is effective for people who have trouble in the scalp to further some antibacterial action .
Thereby preventing the trouble of hair loss and hair to create a healthy scalp , reborn to healthy hair .

Product specifications

Product name i-Air carerise Hair Dryer
Model number TF-1408
Power supply/
Power consumption
50/60Hz 750W
Air flow Two-stage switchable (750W / 350W)
Amount of heat Two-stage switchable
Weight About 485g ( body only)
Size About W87.6 × L238 × H215mm
The length of the code About 2.7m
JAN code 4582271523403